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Grilling Your Meat
6 months ago

Grill cooking methods are generally divided into two categories, the first being the low and high pressure techniques. Gas grill methods are the most expensive of all due to their efficiency, but they also give you the most control over the way your food is cooked. They allow you to slow cook your food or add sauces or marinades without damaging its nutritional value or reducing the heat of the grill. Cooking by gas also releases a high amount of smoke and can be done outdoors in any weather condition.


The other two types of grill cooking methods, we will look at are the medium and high temperature cooking methods. In the medium-temperature method, you cook the meat at a more appropriate temperature which results in more even cooking with a consistent interior taste. To get the desired result from this technique, make sure you leave enough space between pieces of meat when cooking. You should also check your meat for doneness before bringing it to a safe temperature for cooking. Meats that are rare and somewhat dark in color tend to cook more evenly with this technique.


High temperature grilling results in a faster cooking time as well as a more intense burn which increases the nutrient retention of the beef meat. This technique requires oil or medium grade cooking oil. You should monitor the thickness of the fat, to ensure the highest nutrient retention. When grilling, always pay attention to the texture and doneness of the meat to gauge when it's done. Visit this page and learn more about, grill cooking for your meat.


There are many more techniques and tips to maximize the cooking yield from your cooked meat. But one thing we can note is that you can increase the nutrient value of your cooked meat through scientific techniques such as carbon dioxide or infrared radiation. Carbon dioxide has been found to enhance the process of mineral retention, while infrared radiation increases the rate of protein binding and increases the rate of nutrient retention. For more delicious results, you can use both methods together. The combination of these two techniques can also minimize food loss during grilling. Click on this link for more info.


There were some instances where our cooked meat showed significant changes when exposed to different cooking methods. Sometimes, the chemical composition of the meat altered significantly with different methods. Cooking the meat at different temperatures caused some volatile organic compounds to be released which is not really pleasant to taste. We also noticed that some species had drastically changed their chemical composition with different foods. The chemical composition of the meat showed major alterations when exposed to charcoal grilling, smoke-ring cooking methods and frying.


In short, the food composition and nutritional value of cooked beef depend on the type of cooking methods employed and the type of raw meat you used. If you want to maximize your beef's nutritional value, make sure you choose the right cut and grill your beef at low temperatures. You can also increase the nutrient retention and reduce the volatile organic compounds or VOCs of your beef by using charcoal or coal-grilling your beef. You can learn more grilling techniques and tips from "The Raw Food Manual: Everything You Need to Know" available on Amazon. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooking.

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